Lumapower D-Mini

The D-Mini is a Cree XR-E led flashlight using a single C123 lithium battery. The Cree leds are the last advance in led illumination technology being brighter and more efficient than a Luxeon led.

With the XR-E and a big deep mirror finish reflector the D-Mini can produce more than 100 lumen of light with just a single battery and run for about an hour. The flashlight can use either primaries or rechargeable batteries.

The body is HA-II anodized aluminium with a black coating, resistant to impacts and water. The reflector is made of metal and the lens ismade of anti reflective coated glass.

The beam is specially designed for throw, and indeed the D-mini will throw further than any other single cell flashlight due to the XR-E led and the big metal reflector, you can reach and light up objects that are very far away from you with this little light. Surprisingly the D-Mini will out-throw big incandescent expensive lights so it is probably an outstanding choice for outdoor activities.

The switch is a reverse clickie and the light comes with another clickie lockout switch as an option, there is glow in the dark material in the tail to find the flashlight in the dark as long as it has been previously exposed to light. Along the extra switch the light comes with a belt sheath and a wrist lanyard. The sheath is made of nylon and is of good quality.

Lumapower is now also offering a 2-stage switch for the D-Mini that will add a low brightness mode to the light for extended runtime. The mechanism is simple: off-low-high-off.

This is an amazing little light an authentic throw monster in a very small flashlight, amazingly bright and built with quality.

You can read more and order for $59 from Lumapower's website.

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