LRI Proton

The Proton is a multi-level white-red hybrid flashlight from LRI using a single AA battery.

The flashlight has 6 5mm white leds surrounding a single 5mm red led. The leds are embedded in a GID epoxy so after being used for a while the bezel of the light will glow in the dark and that will make it easier to locate.

The interfase uses a single button to operate the multiple modes, from off you can click to activate the white led (in maximum brightness) or click and hold to acivate the red led in minimum brightness. Once you have activated the light press and hold to change the brightness, the white led goes from max to min while the red one goes from min to max. After the min or max levels are reached the light will flash twice, keep holding the buttton to reach the low, medium and high strobes or the SOS mode.

To access the secret "all white LEDs on including the red LED" mode: Press and hold till red turns on and keep holding. Release when the first blink mode is reached (this is the second quick flash you see when the red LED is brightest). Turn it off. Turn it on with a click and all LEDs will be on until you use the red mode again. If you press-hold to turn the light on in red-only mode, the "all LEDs mode" will be turned off again and only the white LEDs will turn on with a click of the switch.

There is also a secret "50% Red" mode, available only in the red LED setting that will help conserve battery life. If you press-hold to turn on the red LED, and immediately release the button as soon as the red LED turns on, you can then press-hold the button to ramp up the LED in 50% mode. This appears almost as bright as the regular red LED only mode, but uses less power.

The light comes with a claw clip for keychain carry and a pocket clip to carry the flashlight bezel down clipped to a pocket, the pocket clip can be removed replacing with a spacer. The light uses a single common AA battery and can use either alkaline, rechargeable Ni-Mh or Lithium batteries. The runtime goes from one hour in maximum brightness to several hours in the lowest settings.

Even in the maximum settings this is not a bright flashlight the beam type and brightness make it good for doing close tasks using diffferent brightness levels rather than for outdoor usage. The multiple modes and the ability to have either red or white light makes it an interesting combo.

You can read more and order for $70 from LRI's website.

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