Inova 24/7

The 24/7 is an octagonal shaped flashlight from Inova featuring 8 5mm leds: 4 white, 2 amber and 2 red. The flashlight is powered by a single C123A lithium battery.

The flashlight is activated rotating the octagonal bezel where the leds are, it has nine modes of operation.

The first mode is low-intensity white, good for general use as a task light it has a runtime of 15 hours. The next mode is high intensity white runtime of 6 hours brighter for signaling and suitable for walks or hikes if you use the light attached to your backpack strap.

Mode number 3 is a white strobe that can run for 100 hours. The fourth mode is an SOS signal using the white leds. The fifth mode is a red&yellow wig-wag. Mode 6 is a white, red and yellow strobe. Mode #7 is just red suitable for preserving night vision. Mode #8 can be accessed putting the bezel in between any two of the regular settings, then the two red LEDs will flick on every 15-20 seconds, this can be used as a locator to find the flashlight at night. The runtime is 15.000 hours in this mode. If you ask a bout a ninth mode then mode nine is off.

There is a clip on the back of the light to clip it to a backpack, epaulet or belt. It also comes with a neck lanyard. The construction is solid and the flashlight is waterproof. The interface is very easy to operate but not very powerful, brightness can't be controled except high-low white and the amber leds are completely wasted being only used in one of the many signaling modes. The red leds have only one mode of operation and the strobe can't be regulated.

For about $40 it is probably a good signaling and backup light to hang from backpacks or belts, if the modes suit your needs it is certainly a great item. It is available in yellow and black, you can read more in Inova's product page. To order check this links.

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