Huntlight FT-04XJA3

This is a AAA flashlight from Huntlight, it uses a 1 watt Luxeon, either a R-bin or a S-bin LED depending on the model, the R-bin can produce up to 45 lumen for 1 hour and the S-bin about 60 with a slightly shorter runtime.

The body is HA-III anodized aluminium resistant to scratches and all sorts of impacts, the switch is a simple twisty; twist the head for on/off operation. The light can stand on its tail to be used in candle mode, the small split ring allows the flashlight to be attached to a keychain or other attachment points/lanyards.

It can use alkaline, rechargeable NiMH or Lithium AAA batteries, the lenght is 7cm slightly bigger than an Arc AAA. Among the AAA flashlights the S-bin model of this flashlight is probably the brigthest even brighter than a Fenix L0P. It has a very particular beam with a strong hotspot and a very wide corona so it can throw quite well and can also be used as a task light.

The price is $33 for the R-bin and $54 for the special edition S-bin. You can find more information and order from JSBurlys Flashlights.

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