Camelback Water Bottle

This is a 25fl.oz water bottle from CamelBack. It is constructed in Lexan polycarbonate a material that is bullet-proof so it will resist many hits, bumps and impacts without breaking.

Lexan can also be heated without much damage so when camping and after removing the lid you might use this bottle to heat water but of course a metal utensil should be preferred.

The cap features a no-drip bite valve, you flip up the valve and then bite to drink, flipping down the valve closes the valve making it quite safe against spills. With the valve up liquid should not spill unless you bite or press the valve but I wouldn't say this is a 100% spill safe as fliping down the valve. The cap is unscrewed to fill the bottle which is wide-mouthed for easy refilling.

There is a small plastic handle in the valve that helps attaching the bottle to a backpack using a carabiner or something similar. On the side there is a scale listing the aproximate volume of liquid left in ounces and mililiters.

The cap is standard sized so it will fit if you want other water bottles such as Nalgene and similar. We found the bite valve very easy to use and very practical for outdoor activities or urban hydratation, the bottle is practical and easy to carry and can be refilled with any normal water bottle or just from the tap if drinkable.

You can order it from REI at $12.

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