Vector Gear Lighter

This lighter uses a system called "lean-burn" that basically generates a stable combustion by setting the platinum catalyzer in the middle of internal burner cylinder, which in turn generates a secondary gas combustion.

This system reduces gas consumption and allows the lighter to work in limited oxygen environments like high altitudes.The flame is wind resistant and the case is strong to resist shock. It is not water proof so you need to avoid dropping it in water.

The lighter is refilled by common buthane fuel and it has a small window in the back to see the amount of fuel left, this is a very useful detail that not all the top quality lighters have.

The lighter performs very well, the lean-burn system is great to keep
fuel consumption to minimum in long trips or excursions and the flame will be strong enough to resiste bad weather, rain and wind, being able to use it in high altitudes is another great advantage.

The lighter is available in 5 different finishes and colors you can read more about it and order for $80 from the product page.

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