Twisty Keyrings

A "twisty" is an interesting alternative to the eternal splitrings we see everywhere. The twisty rings are made of steel cable and can be opened or closed with a twisting mechanism, then the name.

How to open or close them can be slightly embarrasing if you are not familiar, so here is a quick explanation that should do it: to open just twist the ring to form an eight figure, the ends will magically snap and open. To close it form the same figure snap the ends and let it return to its original shape, it will be closed.

They take less space than splitrings and can be quickly opened or closed to remove items from a keychain in case of need. Some versions come with a plastic coating, others just the plain steel cable as in the picture.

You can get them in 2 different sizes from $2.75 from a nice wesbite that also sells UCL lenses and other accesories for flashlights.

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