TAD Gear's OS Sheath

These sheaths from TAD gear have the nice characteristic of being able to be carried either in vertical or horizontal position. They are about 5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide with a velcro closure in a very long flap.

To carry them in vertical position you use the belt loop in the back; to carry horizontally you use two smaller velcro loops across the main loop you can then attach the sheath to your belt in horizontal position and it will be more confortable.

They are useful for flashlights, multitools such as the leatherman juice, SAKs, lighters, Survival capsules and other uses.

Made of strong nylon with reiforced stitches the sheaths will resist every day usage bumps and scratches without breaking, the closures are solid. The main flap is so big that accidental opening is almost impossible.

They are available in both green and black from TAD gear for $17.

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