Spy Capsules

Spy capsules are just small cilindrical aluminium containers that can be used to store different items like pills, tinder, a rolled bill, secret messages, flint, sugar, tabasco sauce, spare parts, screws, etc.

These capsules are available in different colors : red, blue, green, black, purple and gold. They are constructed in aluminium and have an o-ring to make them waterproof. This particular model is 2 3/4" long and 5/8" in diameter.

The capsules are a great adition to your keychain, you will probably find you will need more than one to store different items, one for medicine and one for small items for example. This version is slightly wider than other capsules sold at some retail stores so they can accomodate pills that you will have to break in other models.

The capsules are not easy to find but don't worry since you can order them online from EDCdepot for $4, they also have a version with a small compass on the bottom for $4.50 and you can check for other sizes or versions of the capsule.

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