Powerball Signature Edition

The "signature" is a special edition of the Neon Pro Powerball.

If you are new to powerballs or you haven't read the Neon Pro mini review then we will tell you that powerballs are gyroscopes that can be used to excercise your upper body, specially your arms and they are a great fun to use too.

You spin the ball using very short circular wrist movements and as you spin the rotor will start spinning inside creating an opposing force, this resistance will make your muscles work harder and harder as you spin the ball faster and faster. The end result is a constant search for new speed records and a lot of fun while at the same time excercising your forearms, biceps and triceps.

This special edition comes in a translucent gray case with a gray rubber band around and shines white LEDs when activated.

As well as the Neon Pro the signature edition comes with the counter at the top that can keep track of your rpm records and endurance results. The performance is similar to the Neon Pro with just a different look and feel, the special edition comes with a wrist lanyard, a DVD with movies and training videos and a couple of extra starter strings.

You can read more at the official website and order one for $50 from Powerballs.com e-store.

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