Notesaf tablet holder

The notesaf is a practical holder for your notepad, It can be used with regular notepad refills or with special write in the rain refills. The write in the rain refills are specially useful for edc since they will resist accidental spills, rain, humidity and other common accidents.

The only drawback of the write in the rain refills is that the pages can get sticky after being for a long time in a pocket.

It has a velcro closure snap and 3 front pockets, two small for pens or pencils and one larger that can carry cards or other small flat items, for example a card-sized multi-tool or a quick reference card for something.

The material is very resistant this can ride in your pocket for years before showing any signs of degradation. A PDA without batteries :-). They cost just $8 and you can get them from this site.

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Anonymous said...

Write in the rain makes a similar one but it zips up but I think that the Blackhawk Tactical BDU Mini Pocket Pack would work much better as there would be less chance to loose your pens etc out of it