Hidden Money Belts

Belts with a hidden compartment are recommended to travelers to keep some money or valuable items in a secure way. As we all can realize they can also be used to carry some EDC items.

This version in black has a zippered compartment in the inside of the belt that goes for about half the belt length so can be used to store a lot of things as long as they are flat. You can keep some money, bandaids, tablets or pills, a card sized multi-tool, a card sized knife, mini glow stickies, a very slim flashlight and many other items. It can be a good idea for a small emergency kit that you will only use in case of need.

The model in the picture costs just $6 and can be ordered from this website. Cabelas has other models one in simil leather for more formal clothes for $25 and yet another model for $16.

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