HDS EDC Basic 60 and Ultimate 60

The HDS is for many flashlight enthusiasts one of the best edc lights you can get. The "basic" model is a multiple brightness flashlight offering 4 different brightness settings, the ultimate adds several new modes and features to the basic 4 levels.Both lights are powered by a single C123 lithium cell with a 2 cell body available for longer runtimes.

The switch is a tailcap clickie retruded to allow the light to stand and be used in "candle mode", press to turn on in primary mode, double click and you are in secondary mode (dimmer), click 3 times (or more) and keep the button pressed to access maximum brightness and click 3 times (or more) to reach the minimum brightness mode. From any mode keeping the button pressed you get momentary maximum brightness. A solid interface, easy to use and to remember.

There are many quality details in the HDS lights, the lens, the HA-III body and fine knurling finish, the contacts inside, protection against overheating, protection against reverse battery, etc. The light accepts rechargeable batteries perfectly well and is regulated, that means the brightness is not affected by the battery status. The runtime is excellent depending on the brightness mode you use of course.

A known "hack" allows to access the features form the "ultimate" model in the "basic" you just have to click 256 times (yay!) and you will be in the ultimate mode, you can program many settings in this menu. The ultimate model is the same as the basic but adds strobe, SOS, locator flash, and programable brightness levels among other nice features.

The retail price is random to me so you can check for yourself in your favourite dealers. You can read more in HDS' website, for special prices you can check the sales in Lighthound. If you are interested in a titanium bezel you can check this product from the Sandwich Shoppe for $32. You may also change the pocket clip for a Titanium version for $25 but you have to bore new holes in your flashlight. If you want longer runtime you can add a 2 cell body for $50.

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