FPS7 Lock Picking tool

Lock-picking is both a useful skill when you are in need and a fun hobby too. The FPS7 Tool by Southern Specialties is a EDCable set of picks and a tension tool packed in a ver small and light aluminium frame.

The tool has 8 different picks for different types of locks and a removable tension tool. I have tested the tool and it is a pleasure to work with, most locks are easily opened and you can't tell the difference with the bigger tools.

The lever that is used to "lock" the pick you select in place is particularly good giving very good tactile feedback while keeping the pick firm. You can check this and other fun lock picking tools at Southern Specialties Website. And if you want to be curious about lock picking you can check the MIT guide to lock picking or visit the site of lock picking hobbysts in the US (http://toool.us/).

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Sean said...

Great tool, can be clipped to a key chain but I prefer to use the clip on my pants. Very robust, easy to use. Tension tool can be big for some padlocks. Cheaper featherweight version available with 2 tension tools. Many picks to choose from. Default set is fine for me.